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Please read
Pleasa read before you leave
Causes of the tragedy
    Paparazzi and "gold rush fever"
  • Tabloids and their lack of morals or respect for privacy Public greed for gossip on public figures
  • Drunk driver who should never have been behind the wheel
  • Public treatment of celebrities like objects rather than the human beings that they happen to be
What we can do
  • Boycott all tabloids, we dont need that kind of garbage anyway
  • Pass privacy laws, our public figures are people so lets start treating them as such
  • Speak out against drunk driving, too many people are killed each year from it
  • Never, ever forget. thats how mistakes are repeated
How we can help Prince William and Prince Harry
  • Give them the space to grow, they need it desperately
  • Treat them like human beings not objects for our amusement
  • Absolutely, positively, never allow the paparazzi to invade their lives
  • Think what you would do or feel if they were your children
  • Encourage their endeavers instead of being critical of their human weaknesses
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