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For 33 years I walked upon the sand,

one set of footprints upon the crumbled land.

Ever once in a while the surf would wash away,

The footprints I had left behind that day.

As I walked upon the shore I slowly grew wiser,

I had to prevent myself from becoming an old miser.

I began to know the direction that I had to follow,

To give all my heart and never be shallow.

Then one day the sun came out brighter than before,

And for once I could finally see the entire shore.

A second set of footprints had appeared next to mine,

And the sun high in the sky really began to shine.

The one set of footprints had suddenly become two,

And it felt like the world had become brand new.

The footprints were smaller and walked with grace,

And the sand once rough had become like soft lace.

As time went on and the days passed one by one,

My love for her grew deeper under that sun.

To this girl I would give all my love,

And to her life I would bring the peace of the dove.

She had made such a difference in my life,

That I knew she was the one I wanted to be my wife.

There was one thing that I was sure,

I wanted to end the pain she had to endure.

Trust, love and respect were what she needed,

And with these her heart could never be defeated.

I did my best to change the course her life had taken,

And to make up for all the times she had been forsaken.

Truth and wisdom I tried to teach her on that sand,

So that she could always be ready to make her stand.

This young lady was truly special in every way,

And made my life worth living every day.

The search for my soul mate had taken so long,

And every thing she did was like a love song.

For a time our hearts beat together,

And we were happy no matter the weather.

Then one day the footprints walked another way,

She needed to leave and there was nothing I could say.

My heart was broken because there was nothing I could do,

I had always promised never to hold her and I meant it too.

As she passed off into the distance I let out a cry,

I will always love you I said with a heavy sigh.

To you my darling I wish all the best of things,

And I hope one day you find your wings.

Even though the two of us now walk apart,

There is nothing that can take you from my heart.

If fate and god ever bring you back my way,

It will be by far my happiest day.

The time we walked together I will remember always,

And it will be that way till the end of my days.

There is one thing above all that keeps me sane,

That true soul mates we will always remain.